Coziest Cup Holder™

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Coziest Brand
Coziest Brand
Coziest Brand
Coziest Brand
Coziest Brand
Coziest Brand
Product Overview

Say hello to the world's Coziest Cup Holder™ - the most versatile, stylish, and portable holder for your drinks, snacks, and more!

  • Use it anywhere on any occasion from the couch, bed, floor, car, picnic, beach, man cave, or RV.. the list goes on!
  • Prevent spills and keep drinks close with anti-slip bottom and 3 slots of various sizes that can expand to fit any size drink and cup
  • Keep drinks cold or hot for longer with inner insulating foam
  • Removable and washable cover and removable plastic slot inserts allow for easy cleaning
  • Not just for drinks and is perfect to store all sorts of items from snacks to remotes, controllers, pens, books, tablets, phones, and much more
  • Perfect gift for anyone from adults to kids everybody will love their new companion!

WARNING: May change the way you think about comfort forever.

Coziest Cup Holder™ details:
  • Includes removable cover
  • Includes plastics inserts with each slot for easy cleaning


    • Length: 9.45" (24cm)
    • Width: 9.45" (24cm)
    • Height: 3.54" (9cm)
    • Inner shell: Eco friendly foam
    • Outer cover: Short plush with zipper and anti-slip bottom