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Cooling Bamboo
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Product Overview

Say hello to the world's Coziest Pillow ™. Luxurious comfort for your entire body like never before experienced.

  • Snuggle it like a Koala in endless positions
  • Undo years of damage on your body from your current unsupportive regular pillow - alleviate back and body pains
  • Bend it into seated or reclined positions to read or binge watch in blissful Coziness
  • Support or elevate your arms or legs to relieve discomfort
  • Perfect for pregnancy and nursing allowing you to finally get a comfortable good night's rest
  • For every Coziest Pillow sold, we donate one premium head pillow to homeless shelters in need

WARNING: May change the way you think about comfort forever.

Coziest Pillow ™ details:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Includes removable cover
  • Premium down-alternative Microgel filling for perfect balance of stiffness and softness
  • All materials used are STANDARD 100 certified and tested by OEKO-TEX® to ensure safety and industry leading quality free of harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practices


    • Length: 50" (130cm)
    • Width: 31.5" (80cm)
    • Height: 8" (20cm)
    • Filling: Premium Microgel Blend (Down-alternative)
    • Inner cover: Premium Cotton (White)
    • Outer cover: Premium Cotton Sateen